How to make healthy lifestyle changes that last


It’s natural to want to make lifestyle changes for your health. Whether you made a new resolution – whatever the time of year – or simply want to live a little better. 

But you might be struggling to stick to your plan. Read on to discover how to make healthy lifestyle changes that last.

We’ll discuss why a healthy lifestyle is important, when to see a healthy lifestyle specialist, and top tips for maintaining those healthy lifestyle changes.

Why is a healthy lifestyle important?

It’s likely, you know the physical benefits of eating healthy, getting extra hours of sleep and exercising regularly. Such as better general health, maintaining a healthy weight, and extending your life. 

Additionally, it can lessen the risk of many major health conditions and help you manage the symptoms of certain chronic conditions better. For example, people with IBS, diabetes, and asthma will all feel the benefits of choosing healthier food options and working out regularly.

But did you know there are many mental health benefits too? You’re likely to start feeling happier, with less low moods; have an improved memory; boost your self-esteem. 

In fact, you can even tackle addictive behaviours by becoming more aware of the reasons behind your less healthy habits

But we know it can be a challenge to make healthy lifestyle changes that last. So you might consider seeing a healthy lifestyle specialist.

Reasons to see a healthy lifestyle specialist

Healthy lifestyle specialists can guide you on your journey to a healthier you. They specialise in lifestyle and prevention services to teach you how to make healthy lifestyle changes that last.

They’ll talk you through the issues you are facing and create a personalised plan to help you stick to your goals.

You may need help quitting smoking, or are suffering the symptoms of a stressful lifestyle such as shortness of breath. Whatever the reason, a healthy lifestyle specialist can help make the process a little easier.

Lifestyle changes

Do you know how to make healthy lifestyle changes that last?

Here are some top tips for maintaining those healthy lifestyle choices.

1. Identify habits to change

Firstly, you need to know what exactly you want to work on. Think of a reason to encourage yourself to make that change. Maybe you want to breathe a little easier or have the energy to run around with your kids.

2. Set goals you know you can achieve

You probably want to jump right in and start making those healthier choices. But starting slow is the best way to make healthy lifestyle changes that last. Create small goals that you can steadily increase as you reach them. For example, if you want to lose weight. Start trying to lose just one pound a week and build up.

3. Use the buddy system

The easiest way to stay motivated and feel supported is to share your journey with someone else. They might also want to quit smoking, start jogging, or learn how to eat healthier, too. Encourage each other to keep going. Make sure it’s someone you trust to give support in a way that works for you. The same goes for your friends and family.

4. Make sure you have the tools you need to succeed

If you want to make healthy lifestyle changes that last, you’ll need the right tools. To quit smoking, you might want patches. To eat healthier, you’ll need healthy ingredients and recipes to follow. Or to manage your stress, get a diary to track your triggers. 

If you need extra support, this is where a healthy lifestyle specialist can help.

5. Believe in the power of you

Your own mentality towards your goals makes a big difference in whether you’ll achieve them. Putting too much stress on getting something done is not the way to convince yourself to do it, and could have a negative impact on your mental health. If you want to improve the hours or quality of sleep you’re getting, for example, focus on relaxing more before bed instead of the actual time you get there.

Overall, be kind to yourself. Don’t expect yourself to make major lifestyle changes straight away. You’re allowed to take your time and start slow. Eating better doesn’t mean you can’t touch a doughnut again, and stress management won’t involve just not letting things get to you.

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Why choose the Clinic @ 78?

Our healthy lifestyle specialists at the Clinic @ 78 have a broad scope of experience and can offer expert advice on how to make healthy lifestyle changes that last. 

Our services include:

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  • Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Quitting Smoking (and other unhealthy habits)

If you need assistance with any area of your lifestyle, our private specialists are here to help.

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