The Clinic @ 78 provides a range of ophthalmology – or eye health/vision – services for children and adults of all ages. This includes routine vision tests along with specific tests to diagnose and monitor common conditions like glaucoma and cataracts.

Ophthalmology Treatment in Bournemouth

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We can also provide comprehensive eye care and vision prescriptions as well as minor eye operations, including laser eye surgery. To find out more or to book a consultation, call us on 01202 767000

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Treatments & Conditions

    Consultations with our health specialists are an opportunity to thoroughly assess the overall health of your eyes and vision. Whether you are local or travelling, you can access ophthalmology treatment at our clinic in Bournemouth.

    Many common eye diseases and vision problems, including glaucoma, are highly preventable or manageable when detected and treated early.

    Our ophthalmologist will talk through your history and advise on any tests or treatment you may benefit from.

    Whether you have already been diagnosed with an eye condition or vision problems – such as myopia (short-sightedness) or hyperopia (long-sightedness) – or you are concerned about a family history of eye diseases or any changes to your vision you’ve been experiencing.

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    The Clinic @ 78 can provide full comprehensive eye tests for children and adults.

    As well as assessing your vision, eye tests can check for early signs of changes within the eye that may lead to bigger problems in the future if not suitably managed and treated – such as an increase in eye pressure or inflammation. This includes changes that could lead to glaucoma, which can cause irreversible sight loss if not treated early.

    For this reason, national guidelines suggest everybody has a routine eye test at least every two years, even if you think your eyes are very healthy and you haven’t noticed any vision changes. For those at higher risk, more frequent check-ups are recommended. This includes people with a family history of eye diseases, or those with other health conditions that are associated with complications within the eyes, like diabetes.

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    If you need eye surgery, the Clinic @ 78 is also able to provide a range of minor eye operations. This includes laser eye surgery for glaucoma, as well as laser eye surgery for astigmatism.

    At The Clinic @ 78, we also treat simple eyelid anomalies, cysts and non-malignant lumps. These lesions are usually benign.

    We’ll diagnose your symptoms and plan the recommended treatment with you, which may involve the removal of the eyelid anomaly. Though, we may try other treatment methods first.

    Our eye health specialists (ophthalmologists) have extensive experience in treating a range of eye diseases and conditions, using the latest minimally-invasive techniques in our state-of-the-art clinic.

    Before you decide, we will carefully explain what the procedure involves and any side effects or risks you need to be aware of and what to expect afterwards.

    We take great care during treatment and will also arrange any necessary follow-up appointments to monitor your problem.

    Contact us for ophthalmology treatment in Bournemouth.

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    At The Clinic @ 78, we treat loss of vision caused by cataracts and/or retinal disease. We offer flexible appointments with short notice access.

    We provide a warm welcome and take the time to explain your eye problem. There will be options to consider for treatments available.

    Prepare to have pupil dilating eye drops on arrival so we can examine the inside of your eye effectively. We ask that you bring your latest eye examination report; this helps us monitor your condition.

    You should inform us of any other symptoms you are experiencing, so we can evaluate your eye health fully. It is useful to know whether you have any conditions that can affect the health of your eyes, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

    We can then recommend the best treatment options for you, for example, cataract surgery.

    Cataract surgery involves the surgical removal of your clouded lens, replacing it with a clear artificial one. Though, some people are unable to have artificial lenses due to other eye problems.

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    Our specialists will regularly check your eyes to assess the stage of your condition. Mild or moderate non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy doesn’t always require treatment immediately. Though, we need to treat proliferative diabetic retinopathy and macular oedema swiftly. 

    We will assess your retinal health and take into account any problems in that area when forming your treatment plan.

    Treatment options can include:

    • Injecting medications into the eye
    • Photocoagulation
    • Panretinal photocoagulation
    • Vitrectomy

    Injecting medications

    We inject anti-VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) medications into the vitreous to prevent abnormal blood vessel growth. These medications can also reduce fluid build-up.


    Photocoagulation is a focal laser treatment designed to address blood and fluids leaking in the eye. We use the laser to burn abnormal blood vessels, allowing us to slow or stop any leaks.

    Panretinal photocoagulation

    Panretinal photocoagulation, or scatter laser treatment, involves shrinking abnormal blood vessels with scattered laser burns. You often need multiple sessions, and you may experience temporary blurred vision.


    During a vitrectomy, we replace the vitreous that contains blood with an artificial solution, such as saline or oil. It involves making a small incision in your eye. We can also extract any scar tissue that may be pulling at your retina.

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    Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a common condition that blurs your central vision.

    You may find it difficult to read, drive, and recognise faces, but it doesn’t cause total blindness.

    There are two types of AMD: wet AMD and dry AMD.

    Wet AMD occurs quickly, over a couple of months or even weeks.

    Dry AMD happens over several years and is more gradual.

    The treatments we offer for AMD include:

    Anti VEGF Injections

    We inject anti-VEGF treatment into the back of your eye to reduce and reverse vision loss from wet AMD.

    Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

    PDT is an option for people with wet AMD. It involves using a laser and light-activated medicine (photosensitizers) to form blood clots in your eye, blocking abnormal blood vessels. The photosensitizers may cause light sensitivity for a few days after the procedure. We recommend staying inside and away from bright lights while you heal.

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    The macula processes your central vision and lies in the middle of your retina. Anti-VEGF treatments allow us to ease any swelling (oedema) or abnormal blood vessel growth around your macula. 

    Several conditions can cause this growth or swelling, including:

    • Diabetic macular oedema (DMO)
    • Retinal vein occlusion (causing macular oedema)
    • Wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD)
    • Myopic choroidal neovascularisation (myopic CNV)

    To treat the above, we inject anti-VEGF into the vitreous in your sclera (the white of your eye). It is a quick procedure, and you shouldn’t feel any pain.

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    Glaucoma is a common condition that causes damage to the optic nerve, the nerve that connects the eye to the brain. 

    We cannot reverse glaucoma damage. But, we can slow or prevent vision loss with regular check-ups and treatment to lower intraocular eye pressure. Regular check-ups can help us find and treat the disease early.

    Depending on your situation, your treatment options may include:

    • Prescription eyedrops
    • Oral medications
    • Laser treatment
    • Surgery

    Or a combination of any of these.

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Featured Specialists

Mr Andy Morris

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Mr Andy Morris is a Consultant Ophthalmologist at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital and has extensive ophthalmic experience, with a special interest in Phacoemulsification and Vitreoretinal surgery.

Training he has completed includes:

  • BSc (Clinical Sciences) training at the Royal Free Hospital, St Mary’s, Imperial College and Hammersmith Hospital in London
  • Ophthalmic surgery training in Kent & Sussex, Southampton, Portsmouth and Winchester
  • Specialist vitreoretinal surgery fellowship training in Addenbrooke’s, Cambridge and University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Mr Andy Morris specialises in vitreoretinal and cataract surgery and within The Clinic @ 78 can offer YAG & SLT laser therapy for glaucoma and post-cataract capsulotomy as well as intra-ocular injections, such as anti-VEGF, for a wide range of conditions.

Dr Emily Monks

General Practitioner, Menopause Specialist & Registered Manager

Emily graduated from the University College Dublin in 2004. After initial training in hospital medicine, including Endocrinology and Elderly Care, and a move to England, she qualified as a GP in 2012. During her GP training, she developed an interest in Mental Health and Women’s Health, completing the Diploma in Medicine for the Elderly (DME), Sexual and Reproductive Health (DFSRH), Obstetrics & Gynaecology (DRCOG). She is trained in the fitting and removal of contraceptive implants. She has significant experience in General Practice, having worked in local NHS practices for over 10 years.

Emily is passionate about providing holistic care to patients. She places significant importance on listening to the individual patient and working together to address concerns. She values continuity of care very highly. She has seen the impact of menopause on her patients and the difference a personalised consultation and treatment plan can make to quality of life. This inspired her to pursue further training in menopause care.

Emily lives in Bournemouth with her husband and three children. In her spare time she enjoys singing in a local choir and keeping active with racquetball, the gym and pilates.

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